BTL Vanquish Me is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that’s FDA-cleared for fat reduction. Its radio frequency (RF) energy heats the fat layer, causing fat-cell death. 

Following your BTL treatments, your body removes the dead cells using your lymphatic system. What sets BTL Vanquish Me apart from its competitors is its hover-above design. This allows treatment of a large area in a single session! It’s the first aesthetic RF technology to emit an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area. The BTL Vanquish Me applicator is also contact-free, meaning the Vanquish applicator does not touch skin.

With the systems  ‘tissue impedance tuning circuitry’—like a radio tuner—the characteristics of RF energy are matched with the particular response of targeted fat, allowing for complete control and effectivness to your treatment.

No pain. No anesthesia. No medication. No downtime required.
NON Invasive

It’s noninvasive. Vanquish is a consistent treatment option, without the cost and recovery of surgery. Patients have shown lasting results when maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a smart diet and exercise regimen.


BTL Vanquish can treat singular larger areas in one 45-minute session.


There’s no risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a rare side effect of fat-freezing treatments that causes unwanted fat growth following treatment.