Mole and Skin Tag Removal can only be completed upon Referral from Dr. El. Sawaf. Please have your family physician send a referral to his office. Fax Number is 519 885 8222. 

Whether you’re interested in mole or skin tag removal for medical or cosmetic reasons, our dermatologist-led team here at CosmeDERM can help you achieve the clear, beautiful skin you’ve always longed for! After a thorough initial consultation, our dermatologist will determine whether a mole has the potential to be cancerous. Once it’s established as safe, our dermatologist can proceed with a simple surgical procedure resulting in removal. Depending on the type of mole, the removal may or may not require stitches. What will remain is soft, sensitive skin that will need to be protected from the sun until it fully heals and begins to take on a more skin-coloured (rather than pink) pigment.

Skin tags are common and can be easily and permanently removed with a simple procedure. Many patients seem to find them on their bodies in areas including around their eyelids, neck, face, groin, underarms, or even under their breasts. Fortunately, skin tags can be removed painlessly and easily via freezing (or cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen) or shaved off.

Benefits of Mole & Skin Tag Removal:

  • Smooth and Clear Skin
  • Increased Confidence
  • Health Benefits of Removing Cancerous Moles
  • Less Irritation From Skin Tag or Mole Rubbing Against Clothing
  • Easier to Shave Over Smooth Skin

Mole and Skin Tag Removal Treatments:

  • Surgical Excision – A range of techniques that will depend on the depth and projection of the mole. These factors will also determine the need or not for stitches
  • Freezing (Cryosurgery) – Freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen to damage the cells and allow for seamless removal.

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Once the surrounding skin is fully healed, patients are thrilled to discover clearer, smoother skin free of bumps and tags! Patients must be aware that any mole will need to be thoroughly examined before proceeding with any method of removal. Upon considering multiple physical factors, this examination will determine whether a mole has the potential to be cancerous or not, as well as which method of removal would be appropriate.

Patients will need a referral from their physician before our dermatologist will be able to medically examine a mole. Contact our helpful dermatologist-led staff at CosmeDERM if you’d like to learn more, or book a consultation here.

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